Developmental and Molecular Physiology Research Group

Shankar_bloodcellsThe Developmental and Molecular Physiology Research Group undertakes mechanistic studies examining the influence of maternal body habitus and early infant nutrition on development of chronic diseases, especially related to obesity, cardiovascular disease, skeletal development and immune function. Researchers in this group leverage state-of-the-art approaches ranging from cell culture to rodent models to examine specific aspects of developmental physiology. The group also utilizes large-scale genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomics and epigenomic analyses to understand the role of early developmental nutritional status on later health outcomes.

-Kartik Shankar
Associate Director for Basic Research

Developmental Physiology Labs

Molecular Physiology and Metabolism Labs

  • Hepatic Physiology Lab
  • Molecular Physiology Lab
  • Physical Activity, Energetics and Metabolism Lab
  • Physio-Analytics Lab

Core Facilities

  • Animal Studies Core
  • Histology and Bioimaging Core
  • Bone Structure and Histomorphometry Facility

Collaborating Scientists