Mario G. Ferruzzi

Mario G. Ferruzzi, Ph.D.

Director, Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center
Chief, Section of Developmental Nutrition
Department of Pediatrics
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Dr. Ferruzzi is a Professor and Chief of the Section of Developmental Nutrition in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  He received his B.S. (1996) in Chemistry from Duke University and Ph.D. (2001) in Food Science and Nutrition from The Ohio State University.  Dr. Ferruzzi joined the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center as the Director in 2021 having previously served on as a David H. Murdock Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute (2016-2021) and as a Professor of Food Science and Nutrition Science at Purdue University (2004-2016).  Dr. Ferruzzi’s research interest interface of agriculture, food, and nutrition sciences in the study of micronutrient and phytochemical bioavailability, metabolism, and impact to human health.  He has a particular interest in strategies that can be leveraged to improve the nutritional and functional quality of food products for at risk populations.

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