Budding Brains Lab

The Buddings Brains Lab

The ACNC Budding Brains Laboratory conducts studies to determine the influence of dietary factors on physiological, psychological and cognitive development and functioning in children. To accomplish this, the Laboratory relates measures of behavioral development and body and brain activities to nutritional variables (for example, diet type, meal frequency and amounts) and cognitive processes (such as attention, language development, and thinking processes involved in the selection and responses to visual and auditory information). The Laboratory is exceptionally well-equipped to conduct these studies, with two recording suites, each with 128 channel high density EEG recording systems and related equipment for the acquisition and processing of brain electrical activity and associated activities such as heart rate and eye movements. We work closely with the ACNC Clinical Research Core and the ACNC Brain Imaging Lab to gather relevant measures to produce a comprehensive neurobehavioral profile for each child. The collection and integration of such a wide scope of information is uncommon in a single research environment, and provides a powerful scientific platform for effectively addressing the role of nutrition and metabolic health in healthy brain development.


Lab Members

Linda Larson-Prior, Ph.D., Lab Director

Yuyuan Gu, MS, Research Support Specialist

Heather Downs, Brain Research Specialist II

Darcy Hagood, Brain Research Specialist I