CALM Study

The CALM Study

The Covid and Lactating Mothers – CALM Study is a research study designed to look at whether the virus causing the COVID disease can be found in breast milk and whether mothers can transfer antibodies to protect their infant in their breastmilk. The study consists of 1 visit at the ACNC and 10 milk collection over about 6 months. At first, we will ask you to fill out questionnaires and collect milk samples until you are recovered. Around 3 months after your diagnosis, we will ask you and your child to come to the ACNC to collect a blood and milk sample. After that, we will ask you to continue collecting milk every month for another 3 months. To thank you for your participation, a 3-month supply of diapers and a $50 check may be provided.

All research studies require potential participants to be screened. This is simple and conducted over the phone in about 5-10 minutes to learn more about your health and any other pertinent information that relates to the study. If you are interested or would like to find out if you and your child are eligible, you can give us a call at (501) 364-3309 or 866-423-1311, or email us at


To learn more or find out if you are eligible,

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